Happy New Year! Welcoming 2018 with Open Arms

Happy New Year! Welcoming 2018 with Open Arms

happy new year! 2018

Phew, what a year 2017 was.

There were many ups, downs and a lot in between but I am very thankful for all of it. Some of the highlights I would like to mention were:

  1. Business school with Marie Forleo
  2. An end to my full-time job
  3. A start on a new adventure as a full-time designer for myself
  4. Pushed ASBA Creative Studio to focus on restaurants, bakeries, and caterers and set up Designs by Anthea to retain and attract clients for everything else.
  5. Lots of blogging 😊
  6. The launch of my Etsy store
  7. Personal, family, and business growth
  8. New partnerships

One thing I did learn and am continuing to learn is that building a business is one of the best things you could ever do with your career. Every day is a learning opportunity that increases growth as a business owner and a human being. The sucky part of it all is that it takes a huge toll on your body and well being. Sleepless nights, constant worry, spats of crying ( yah.. i’m serious) and with all that taking care of a family affect the body physically and mentally. On the bright side, all of this has given me the strength to keep on going and plan out my work and personal life better. I am therefore pumped up for 2018 and can’t wait to implement new scheduling tools, new policies, new prices and work with more amazing clients.

Peace out 2017. Hello, 2018!

What’s a menu website and could it be what you need right now?

What’s a menu website and could it be what you need right now?

Many restaurants feel stuck when it comes to making a decision about a website because of various reasons. This is very unfortunate because they are not aware of the various options out there that can get them started. Well, today I would like to talk about menu websites and how they could be just what certain restaurants need at a given time. Let’s dive in.

What is a menu website?

A menu website is a website that has a sole purpose of displaying your food menu but still contains information on how to find you and contact you.

Who would benefit from a menu website?

  • A menu website can be great for a restaurant that doesn’t have the necessary funds to commit to a full website at the moment but needs to get started.
  • A restaurant that does have have the time right now to put into planning a full website
  • A restaurant that knows the value of an online presence

What are some of the advantages?

  • Great for online search
  • Convenient for your customers
  • Fast and easy to update
  • A quick way to get an online presence
  • Keep your domain name occupied
  • Start gaining a following
  • Ability to drive more traffic to your restaurant

So, is a menu website right for you? Learn More about the menu website package we have here at ASBA or just send us a message if you have questions.

8 Free Editable Menus Just for You

8 Free Editable Menus Just for You

It’s been a few weeks now since I launched my free editable dining menus but for some reason, I had not shared it on my blog…smh. Well folks, these menus are available for download.

I created these menus to give back to you guys for the great work you do in making our bellies full & happy and I created these to SAVE you money, of course! If you’re a small restaurant, bakery, cafe, food truck or caterer, these menus will be great for you. These menus can be used on your website or in your social media marketing for restaurants.

There are 8 different menu templates that are created in Google Docs (since most of us online folks are hooked on it). But, if you’re not in the online game, don’t worry, I created them for Microsoft Word as well. They require a limited amount of effort to make the updates and customizations without the help of a designer.

Interested? Download them here and make sure to tag #asbacreativestudio on social media so I can see how they came out 🙂 If you are looking for something custom, I can sure help with that as well. Give me a shout!

I will be creating more downloadable items so comment below with suggestions of any other items you would love to have and I will make them available 😜.

Know Your Target Audience – Weekly Restaurant Website Tip #11

Know Your Target Audience – Weekly Restaurant Website Tip #11

Knowing your target audience - Restaurant business plan

Know Your Target Audience

Are you paying attention to your target audience? If you are not, its time to start because you might be speaking to the wrong folks. The best restaurant marketing ideas and plans begin with knowing your target audience.

Make sure your website’s content speaks and relates to the right people by considering factors like your location, culture, or your food.

Marketing ideas for your target audience

A restaurant, bakery, or catering service that offers services near a stadium, a college, office hub or a beach would have totally different crowds. Don’t be shy to use a few slang words in your content like LOL, BRB, BFFL etc, if they relate to your audience. Have a photographer take pictures of your crowd having a good time at your restaurant and post them on your website and social media. This lets them know that they are welcome and your restaurant is a comfortable space for them to hang out and have a bite. A customer in an environment they can relate to, feels comfortable, orders more and stays longer 😊.

So what are you waiting for?  Speak to them.

What makes a good restaurant website homepage?

What makes a good restaurant website homepage?

What makes a good restaurant website homepage? - restaurant website plan

Your website’s homepage is the first impression customers get when they visit your website. Whether we like it or not, a majority of people base their assumptions about someone on the first thing they see so a large part of your website’s success depends on the success of your homepage.

Below, I have listed a few points that can help you achieve homepage success to help improve how long your visitors stay on your website.


You homepage should speak to your target audience

Use language and design style that resonates with your target audience. If you serve customers right by the beach, do not use a tone of voice that will work well for a corporate environment.


Your homepage should be inviting and eye catching

It must be well-designed and eye-catching to keep your customers wanting more. It must lead your customers down the path you intend for them to go by means of navigation, page links, white space and even imagery.


Your homepage should provide details on how to connect with you

It should have your contact information eg. phone number, address, and social media handle to make you accessible to your customers.


Your website homepage should display well on all device sizes

It should look great and be legible on all devices so no matter how they find you, you give off a good first impression.


Your homepage should provide a description of your restaurant and why they should visit you

Make sure it describes who you are as a restaurant. It should be clear for customers to know right away the type of food you serve, who you are and what you are about. Don’t leave it to chance because you want them to know they are in the right place so they don’t think of leaving your website.


Your homepage should contain links to other areas of your website

It should not be static. It should have call-to-actions (CTAs) that take the user to different areas of your website. Giving the user these doorways engage them and keep them on your website longer for a possible conversion from user to customer.


Your homepage should have at least one photo of your food

Lastly, make sure to flaunt your food right on your homepage with great photos of your food. Customers like to see pictures of food and it definitely moves people to want to eat at your restaurant.

So how do you feel about your homepage now? Let me know if you have any questions or take advantage of my free homepage review by signing up above.

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