If you are a designer, you will be very familiar with the quote “I want to redesign my website”. No matter what other designers say, we (designers) are very picky and judgmental when it comes to our own projects. We cannot seem give a definite yes to a website design, wedding invitation, baby shower invites etc and in addition to that we tend to drag it out a little bit more than usual. Sound like you? Well, after a long time pondering over the idea of redesigning this website, I finally did it. I made sure that when potential clients get to my page, they are able to know right away what kind of work I do, who I am as as designer and person and an easy way to get in touch with me. I also wanted it to be bold and memorable.

Now, you can see featured posts and design samples at a glance, a featured post and tech news all on the home page. I like the redesign and I hope you do too.

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